Nina & Scott’s

Elvetham Wedding

Earlier this year our gorgeous bride Nina married her sweetheart Scott at The Elvetham Hotel, Hampshire. 
Back of the Dress
When Nina first came to Boo, she had very definite ideas about the type of look and style of dress, she wanted for her big day. We had a lovely time getting her short list down to one or two dresses, but Nina kept being drawn to the lace dresses. However, they just didn’t sit with her overall theme for the day, so eventually we came to a compromise. On her wedding day, Nina walked down the aisle in her beautiful Estelle gown by Mia Mia, (a satin a-line dress with a dropped waist) which she teamed with a lace mantilla veil and her Irregular Choice shoes. I still think of her as my little Mrs Incredible with that tiny cinched waist and those unreasonably long (I’m only jealous) lashes!….. Yes girls, they are her own!! 
Dress in the Window
Nina’s eye for detail and perfectionism left me in no doubt that this was going to be a wedding that most girls would want to emulate, so here is her gift to you. A little Q&A with Nina. Feel free to use her knowledge and experience to help create your perfect wedding day!
Close up of Nina
How did you go about choosing your suppliers?

We found that visiting wedding fairs was the best way to meet local suppliers and see examples of their work. I found it very helpful to use suppliers near to the wedding venue as they usually knew the venue and could give advice and they found it easier to plan their part. Being able to rely on a supplier to know what goes where helps relieve the pressure a little.
What made you choose The Elvetham?

I knew the venue as my mum and stepdad got married there many years ago, plus my school prom was there. I always knew I wanted to get married in a venue like that but when looking at venues I purposely avoided it for those reasons. Eventually we went to go visit The Elvetham as my then fiancé had never seen it, and we were finding that no other venue were meeting our needs or standards. We couldn’t help fall in love with it and knew it was perfect for our wedding.
Who was your photographer?

We had the very talented Adam and Dan from Skyfire Photography who offer different packages to suit different budgets. We took the top package which included an engagement shoot a year before the wedding which was a great way to practice having professional photos taken and to see the style and quality of your photographers work. Adam led the organisation of the photos and he was so perfectly timed I didn’t need to worry about the schedule. I would recommend don’t cut short the time in your schedule for photos; they’re such an important part of the day. (
Nina & Scott B&W
Who was your florist and what was your inspiration? 

My florist was such a lovely lady but unfortunately didn’t deliver the brief on the day. This was a big disappointment for me and although the flowers were beautiful they weren’t what I asked for. I wanted the style to be loose & almost messy and in no way structured, I took a lot of inspiration from Pinterest!
Who made your wedding cake?

The cake was made by Jeni from Jeni’s Cakes And Flowers ( she was very generous with her time and made some great suggestions. The cake was amazing, we had 3 tiers and each was a different flavour. One was lemon drizzle, another was banana and the third was my favourite - chocolate orange. Our guests were so impressed by it and one friend said it was “the best wedding cake I’ve ever had” remember don’t cut it all unless its all been used up. You can take the remainder home and freeze it in slices and then eat a piece when family come over to see your photos! 
Cutting The Cake
Were there any particularly funny moments? 

The day itself went past in a blur it was so fast. The most fun part for us was the disco in the evening, we had some great tunes which started with the likes of Spice Girls & Backstreet Boys to Kisstory tracks like Faithless and Prodigy. By this point it felt great to let our hair down and have a good dance.
Family Fun
What evening entertainment did you have?

We started the evening reception with a swing band ( and during their break we cut the cake and had our first dance. The band then did their second set. After that the DJ started, we were very specific about what type of music was and wasn’t played, no 70’s classics or YMCA for us! 
Bride & Maids

What 3 tips would you give to other brides?

  1. Be organised!! - this will help you to relax about the wedding because you’ll know what’s happening and when.
  2. Budget – decide on a budget and don’t get carried away, make sure you stick to it. It’s not nice having debt after the wedding.
  3. Relax – don’t worry about the small details, enjoy the day and take a moment to step back and take it all in.
Nina & Scott
What was your favourite part of the planning?

Meeting Emma at Boo and finding THE dress! It was completely different from what I was expecting to buy but I knew it was perfect for me. I loved the support & friendship Emma gave me especially as I struggled with issues other people had about my day. 
Tree Cute
What was your most memorable moment of the day?

Seeing my wonderful fiancé Scott, waiting for me as I walked down the aisle. He looked so calm and happy, which helped me as I was shaking like a leaf. He held my hand throughout and that made me feel very safe, little did I know he was more nervous than he looked! 
Just Married
What did you enjoy the most about your Boo Adventure?

EVERYTHING! Emma is one in a million, she’s a genuine, kind and generous person and I really felt like she cared about me and my wedding day. I wasn’t just ‘another customer’. She took the time to answer all my questions all the time and her advice on fit, fabric, style etc. was spot on. She is such a talented seamstress, I couldn’t help admire that too. I was so grateful when she offered to dress me on the day, that was the icing on top of the wedding cake for me and my mum. When my friends get engaged in future I will certainly be taking them to Boo! 
The Train

Congratulations Nina and Scott. It was an absolute pleasure to be part of your wedding day and I wish you every happiness as you continue this adventure together.

All my love
Emma & The Boo Team xx


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